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Here are a few of my favorite business resources for entrepreneurs and those seeking to expand their entrepreneurial mindset.

So you want to start a company.  Here is a quick todo list:


TO DO (not necessarily in this order)

  • Determine your product or service

  • Make sure that you are solving a real problem

  • Talk to potential customers / users!!!

  • Build a prototype or wireframe

  • Feasibility analysis & market research

  • Write a business pitch / business model canvas

    • Get feedback from friends, family, potential customers... anyone who will listen

    • Realize that the pitch must change - change it

  • Write a business plan to help you dig into you did into your strengths and weaknesses

  • Gather resources and funding

  • Talk to more people and build your company

  • Have fun!  

  • Legal stuff (in this order - see below for links)

        - Register your business with the Secretary of State 

            This includes filing Articles of Incorporation for C and S Corps; 
           Articles of Organization for LLCs, Certificate of Partnership, etc. 

        - Obtain EIN/FTIN from IRS
           Employer Identification Number or Federal Tax Identification Number

        - Register for state and local taxes

        - Register for local business license

        - Obtain necessary permit and licenses




Entrepreneurship Resources

Univ Colorado's Lawrence and Moyes Website - incredible website with plan, pitch, and financial templates

Business Model Canvas - your business in one page

Lean Canvas - one pager focusing on problem and solution

Kauffman Foundation- wealth of guides and information

U.S. Small Business Administration - guides and loans

SCORE - templates, guides, mentors (browse their library)


Funding and Equity 

How Funding Works - Great Infographic (also at:

Own Your Venture's Equity Calculator
Foundrs Equity Calculator

Incorporating, copyright, trademarks, patents
Legalzoom - inexpensive help

UpCounsel - free legal documents and guides

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office with searchable database of patents

Bright Idea Bulb
StartUp  Government Requirements
  • – Company federal employee identification number (EIN - aka Federal tax identification number)

  • – CA seller’s permit business

  • – CA state tax info

  • – CA Secretary of State, filing requirements

  • – General info on permits, licenses, registration requirements in CA

Amy Eliza Wong
Nilofer Merchant




International Business Resources
Start-Up Advice

Country & Policy Data:

US Specific:

Trade support:

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Please note that this list is only a consolidation of resources.  I do not recommend any particular resource and am not affiliated with any of them.  If you have suggestions for resources to be included, send me an email.- JLW

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